Topic: VS2008 versus VS2010

I'm currently using both versions, one at home and the other at work. I've noticed quite a few differences with the vs2010 version being slightly less stable and behaving weirdly compared to vim.

I was just curious, is the goal to bring both versions to parity? Is there a list of issues that need to be tackled? I understand vs2010's addin framework is different but I was hoping the for more parity between the versions.


Re: VS2008 versus VS2010

Hi Flawe,

As you know the firsts ViEmu release were developed in native C++ using COM, and the last versions are being developed in .NET, the different between architectures are remarkable, for that we're really focus in the VS2010 version fixing issues and adding new features and improvements.



Re: VS2008 versus VS2010

Hey I'm happy to hear that smile

The reason why I asked was because while the differences are minor they are very annoying when it comes to muscle memory. I'll try to write up a list when I get some spare time...