Topic: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

We have prepared a new ViEmu/VS for the latest VS11 beta, see the details and download it here:

  http://www.viemu.com/blog/2012/05/15/ea … -for-vs11/

All feedback is welcome.


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

I just installed the preview for VS11; upon starting, a dialog appeared telling me the eval period had expired.


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

After installing it I've seen several crashes to the desktop in the VS2012 RC in quick succession. I'm not entirely sure it was ViEmu that caused them, but the crashes occured during typing with ViEmu enabled and I don't seem to encounter the issue with it disabled. I don't see anything in %AppData%\ViEmu\ViEmu.log about the crash. Event Viewer shows System.AccessViolationException in VS' devenv.exe at the time, but no stack trace. Googling suggests common issues are with Win32 calls or with improper communication and/or corruption between C/C++ and the .NET garbage collector.

That's about the limit of my ability to help debug this issue, I think. I can't read Windows Error Reporting (Watson) dumps myself, but I did make sure they were submitted to the service. (You can subscribe to get Windows Error Reporting dumps, if you haven't done that already, by the way.) Maybe it is an issue in the 2012 RC.

Let me know if there is anything else I should look for/try.


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

Another data point from me, I had good luck with ViEmu on previous build of VS, but when I upgraded to the RC it started crashing all the time and I had to disable it.  Auto-completion seemed to be contributing to most of my crashes. 

public string Foo {get; set;} <-- As soon as I'd type the closing brace it'd crash VS.


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

We are going to test it with the RC, update and rebuild it, and publish it in the next few days. Hopefully we'll have something more stable soon.

Number8, it does require valid support as of today. I'm happy to send you a temporary license key to use it meanwhile, send me a support request please and I'll respond with a temporary license key (anyone else, feel free to request the same!).


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

I've got valid support, and I'm receiving the licence message, too.


Re: ViEmu/VS11 preview build

Are you trying the new ViEmu 3.0 beta 1 found in the blog? This version needs valid support as of 2012-06-18. If you need a temporary license key, get in touch with us using email or the support form and we’ll be happy to send one to you.
If that's not the problem, which version of VS are you running?