Topic: Resharper intellisense not closing on Esc

When I have the resharper autocomplete dialog showing and I'm typing out a new field that doesn't exist yet but the value I've typed so far is a partial match of an existing field, i.e. I already have a mockUserManager field and I've typed mockUser to create a new field, I would normally hit escape to close intellisense. If I type space, resharper will assume I want the match and replace my text with mockUserManager. Since I upgraded to viemu 3, escape doesn't close the intellisense window.

I know you guys did some work on Resharper compatibility, so I'm guessing this is related. I'm also not sure if it's by design, so perhaps there's a different approach I could use instead.

Any suggestions?


Re: Resharper intellisense not closing on Esc

Having the same issue. I've had to downgrade back to 2.5.14 (which has other issues with ReSharper) because this is driving me nuts ): I was so happy that I could finally search and hit a match within a string without ReSharper trying to be clever and break the string up and then was stumped by this.

I know there's a different keyboard mechanism in play -- perhaps when in Normal mode, ViEmu could pass the next Esc hit up the chain -- I wouldn't mind as much if Esc-Esc caused the ReSharper stuff to disappear.


Re: Resharper intellisense not closing on Esc

We're about to release a new 3.0.5 build with this fixed. Later today, or tomorrow at the latest. Sorry about this! We just found out over the weekend.


Re: Resharper intellisense not closing on Esc

ViEmu/VS2010-VS2012 3.0.5 is now available fixing this, just use the main download buttons from viemu.com front page. Let us know if anything else acts up!