Topic: Cursor Lag? (ViEmu 3/VS11 RC)

When I'm typing I'm getting the cursor to consistently lag 1 character behind where the actual insertion point is.  If I type slowly its not a problem, but if I type with any speed its very easy to see.  Its not preventing me from using ViEmu, but it is pretty distracting. 

Anyone else seeing this?


Re: Cursor Lag? (ViEmu 3/VS11 RC)

I'm seeing this in VS 2010 and also SQL 2012 with ViEmu 3.

Note this doesn't seem to change the behaviour, but it is distracting.


Re: Cursor Lag? (ViEmu 3/VS11 RC)

I got email from support on the cusor lag yesterday. They are aware of the issue and expected to correct it in the next minor update (3.0.4). I opted to go back to the old version until the update is available.


Re: Cursor Lag? (ViEmu 3/VS11 RC)

*FIXED* The issue is resolved in the latest update 3.0.4. Thanks for the speedy fix.


Re: Cursor Lag? (ViEmu 3/VS11 RC)

Yep, we fixed it in 3.0.4 indeed, sorry we didn't post here.

BTW, we'll be releasing a new 3.0.5 in a few hours, fixing an issue with macros, ESC-dismissing of Resharper Intellisense, and some other minor thing.