Topic: unable to yank/delete/put mouse selected text


I recently upgraded from 2.X to 3.0.5 (and now 3.0.6) which has mostly been a huge step up except for one thing. I sometimes make a selection by double clicking a word, and then hit y/d/p to operate on the word. This didn't work in 3.0.5, and 3.0.6 doesn't seem to have changed things.

This worked prior to upgrading to version 3 (don't have the version # unfortunately), and works in vim 7.3.


Re: unable to yank/delete/put mouse selected text

I'm not sure if you are using ViEmu for VS "Classic" or for VS 2010/12. In any case, if you go to the settings windows and enable "Use VS selection for visual mode", you will make ViEmu use VS selection, and thus the scenario you describe should work fine.

Keep in mind that this is a trade-off: using ViEmu's custom visual-selection mechanism is more faithful to vim, as we have more control over it, while using VS's selection mechanism for ViEmu's visual mode is better for interoperability with other add-ins and VS's selection-based commands.

One third element is that gS is a ViEmu command that converts the current VS selection into ViEmu's visual range, it's mainly useful in macros and mappings when you don't want to have "Use VS selection for visual mode" enabled.