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I'm experiencing extremely slow behavior with "<<" (un-indent).

I have a very large file, about 30,000 lines. After I cut-and-paste some code, I do "400<<" (without the quotes, of course). This takes almost a minute! Hitting "u" to undo the action takes almost as long. Disabling ViEmu and using Visual Studio select and "Tab" to indent or "Shift-Tab" to un-indent takes 1-2 seconds. Even indenting or un-indenting smaller regions (for example, 20 lines) takes surprisingly long.

This is Visual Studio 2010 with ViEmu 3.0.6. I believe this slow behavior happened even before ViEmu 3.


Re: Slow "<<"

I'm having the same problem. This is almost unusable.

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Re: Slow "<<"

Rather than just moaning, I'll add that it can take up to 2 minutes to indent/unindent a 3,000 line file. Very annoying when working with generated files for instance.


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I'm also using ViEmu 3.0.6 btw. Whilst this was also a problem before 3.0, it wasn't as pronounced.