Topic: Support for :dis

I want to see what is in all my buffers and typed :dis but got an "Unknown command" instead.  Can you please add that.

Also, I tried "0P and nothing got pasted so I am guessing nothing is being automatically stored in the numbered buffers.  That would be a nice feature to have also.


Re: Support for :dis

Another problem related to this is that after I copy or delete several items, I expect things to be in the numbered buffers and they aren't.

If I type "1P I expect the value that has been recently copied to be in that buffer but nothing gets pasted.  Are there any plans in the near future to make this work?


Re: Support for :dis

This is not planned for a near future release, Jerry, but we take note of the request and will look at it for a future release.



Re: Support for :dis

Thanks for the feedback.  I use this feature only once in a while so it isn't as big a deal as the other issue I have recently reported.