Topic: Yank does not remove highlight

I am using ViEmu 3.0.10 and Visual Studio 2010.

1. I highlight some text by selecting vjjj
2. I copy the text by pressing y
3. I move my cursor to someplace else in the file
4. I hit cw to change a word and type some text
5. The text that was highlighted in step 1 gets replaced with the first letter I type and the word I am intending to change gets replaced by the remainder of the text.

Fortunately undo undoes this problem but it took me three or four times of doing this before I realized what was going on.  Now, when I copy some text by highlighting it first, I have to remember to hit my escape key to "unhighlight" it before I do anything else.


Re: Yank does not remove highlight

Hi, Jerry. Yes, we've detected this bug right after releasing 3.0.10. I think it has been introduced in this release. We'll release a new build as soon as possible with this fixed.
Thanks for the report!


Re: Yank does not remove highlight

Hi, ViEmu 3.0.11 is out and should fix this bug. Hopefully I haven't introduced any new bugs this time...


Re: Yank does not remove highlight

Thanks for the quick fix on this one.  I grabbed it and the problem is fixed.