Topic: Feature request: ys for surround.

I've recently discovered that vim has the incredibly useful ability to wrap blocks of text using quotes and many varieties of bracket but unfortunately this functionality doesn't seem to have been impelented in viemu which is a shame because it's actually very useful.  Details of the feature can be found on the page


Is there any chance of getting this functionality in a future version?

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Re: Feature request: ys for surround.

Have you tried using mappings for this?

I use...

vnoremap [[ dO[<CR>]<Escape>%pkV%gq

in my _viemurc to surround Visualy selected lines with [].

you probably do not need the V%gq on the end this is just for reformating.

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Re: Feature request: ys for surround.

Thanks I'm relatively new to vim so I didn't realise that you could effectively map keys to scripted events.  I will give using this method a try and see how I get on.