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1. I found here a pot about the let command, that it is not supported. The post was made in 2006. I'm curious if there were made any changes in that regard. Or is there any support for loading macros from the .viemurc file.

2. I like to use vim & I like to use Intellisense's auto complete, but if I have to move my hand to the arrow keys from the home row to press some "down" arrows that's just awful. For me it comes that i'd like to select the auto complete text with pressing "j" a few time. (the main obvious problem is that I can't type the letter "j" in that case ofc ... even tho i'd be able to live with that.) Any workaround / solution for that?


Re: let & Intellisense

Did I ask something dumb / not understandable?
Why am I not getting any response? (30+ days)


Re: let & Intellisense

lerosQ, if you look at all the requests and responses here you may notice that there are no responses anymore.  This seems like pretty much a "dead" product with no support.  Check out VsVIM;  It is free and gets great support.  The creator of VsVIM works for Microsoft so he has good ties with the Visual Studio folks.

I keep an eye on this forum to see if there are ever updates to the Outlook and Word plugins because I still use those but have moved on to the newest versions of them and continue to hope that maybe there will be updates for the viemu plugins but I am not so fortunate.