Topic: VS 2013 Preview support?

Any news on support for VS 2013?

I'm in the position where I want to use C# 5 features for my current project and as someone that currently only has VS 2010 my choice seems to be to buy VS 2012 or try using the VS 2013 preview without ViEmu support.

I'm a bit loathe to buy VS 2012 when 2013 is usable and I'll likely want to buy it on release instead.

Thankfully the new R# beta has support so I get 1 of my 3 most used extensions at least. 

R#, ViEmu and StyleCop are the 3 for anyone curious.




Re: VS 2013 Preview support?

Hi, Jon

We're working to support VS2013 and hopefully this month we'll release a build that works on VS 2013 preview.


Re: VS 2013 Preview support?

Any update on this? I am using Visual Studio 2013 for a project, and I miss ViEmu.


Re: VS 2013 Preview support?

Same situation here.. using both VS 2013 preview and Xcode 5 preview and switching back and forth between VS/Xcode and Vim 8)