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In a large-ish file (say 500 lines):


Where the clipboard has another 1000 lines in it.

This can take up to a minute to finish pasting.


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I should add; happy to send a screencast if that helps.


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I'm using ViEmu 3.0.6 btw.


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This is noticeable even for much smaller pastes.  Doesn't take minutes but is still definitely an annoyance to workflow.


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I just accidentally tried to paste 3000 lines into a C# source file (string table) and it froze the editor for literally 15+ minutes.

I can paste those same 3000 in Vim instantly. In fact, I can paste those 3000 lines 100 times (100p) instantly. Similarly, if I let Visual Studio paste the lines (Edit -> Paste) it's instant.

I generally avoid pasting more than 100 lines or so with ViEmu. It's much faster to open the file in Vim (via Tools mapping), paste, then ZZ out of Vim back to VS.

Seems like ViEmu has some sort of exponential behavior internally, or triggers such behavior in VS, when you paste.

Other than that, ViEmu generally performs beautifully.

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I agree, love the product, really works well, but I searched the forums and added this message while my IDE is still frozen pasting 265 lines. 8 Core Machine at 2.95Ghz.

The paste speed is definitely an issue.

PS: Now that I am posting this, it's still frozen, but if I wait, it will unfreeze eventually, and paste the text.


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My apologies, yes, this is due to the buffer operation APIs being much slower in newer VS's than they were in older ones. We have looked at ways to improve this but have yet to find a valid one. I'm working on finishing ViEmu/Xcode5 in the next few weeks, and I will look into this afterwards for ViEmu 4.0 (together with more and better vi/vim emulation features). Thanks for your patience -- Jon


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This still is an annoyance cause it interrupts the very fast workflow you get when using ViEmu. So it kinda contradicts the reason to have ViEmu in the first place sad
Did anyone try VsVim from Jared Parsons? Is it as slow as ViEmu? I'll need to test it some day as this sluggishness is a huge pain for me.
@Jon_Symnum: Maybe you could check if VsVim has better solution, uses some other APIs. I'm not saying copy their code, just see what they use.
I hope this is fixed in a foreseeable future cause I've been a customer for over 4 years now and I love ViEmu but if VsVim does the job better you might lose a customer.