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I have not renewed my license yet as I am still using VS 2012.  I know there is a ViEmu for VS 2013.  Will that also work with VS 2014?  Does anyone know.  Are there plans for a 2014 release?  I am hesitant to renew now and then find that it is over a year before there will be VS 2014 support.  I would renew to upgrade.


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My subscription is through January, but want to know as well on VS 2014.  Haven't seen any new postings from Jon on the blog since April nor on the forums since June... 

Jon_Symnum you still there?  Got have my vi fix!



Re: Visual Studio 2014

+1, have not heard much...
also been waiting many many months for an update on xml tagging in viemu. yit / dat / yat etc.

please give us an update.


Re: Visual Studio 2014

Still no news, this is disturbing... Your loyal customers would like some word...


Re: Visual Studio 2014

Please can we have an update on when these new versions will be made available...