Topic: ViEmu and Visual Assist (-X) in VS2012+

Visual Assist changed their name from "Visual Assist X", which prevents ViEmu from behaving quite properly once the Visual Assist plugin is updated.  After talking to VA support, they said it looks like ViEmu supports co-existing with VA/VAX by comparing some string or another to "Visual Assist X".

Now that ViEmu is unaware of Visual Assist's presence, various things fail:
- "." to repeat operations now types in a period (unless you're working in a comment)
- "f," types a comma and leaves 'f' waiting for the next part of the command.
- "ci(" fails similarly to "f,", but "ci)" works.
- etc.

Could a small patch or other update be released for existing ViEmu versions to search for "Visual Assist X" and "Visual Assist"?  I love ViEmu and Visual Assist, but the various parts of text editing that fail are a very significant bother.

Thanks.  smile


Re: ViEmu and Visual Assist (-X) in VS2012+

Now that version 3.6 is out, this will be the next thing I look into. Apologies for the long delay and thanks for your patience!