Topic: ViEmu dead?

My work is switching to VS 2013.  I started working in it today, and ViEmu is all kinds of broken. I check the forum and it appears to be a ghost town, with 6 month old posts gone unanswered.

When's the last anyone heard from the devs?

Does anyone know of an alternative to ViEmu?

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Re: ViEmu dead?

There is a plugin for visual studio called vs vim, I am not sure what its like though.
Please give us some feedback if you decide to give it a try.

I have also emailed the viemu support email box, and got no response.
I think we have to assume the worst for now...

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Re: ViEmu dead?

Not sure why they didn't post the Visual Studio 2013 version in the forums but it is located here.
http://www.viemu.com/blog/2014/01/07/vi … available/

I've used both VsVim and ViEmu and I like ViEmu better. VsVim gets stuck in insert mode limbo in certain situations.


Re: ViEmu dead?

Via Twitter, it looks like ViEmu 3.5 is just around the corner! https://twitter.com/jonbho/status/585529059574177792


Re: ViEmu dead?

Reports of ViEmu's death have been greatly exaggerated smile

In any case, apologies for being somewhat late with fixing issues at times, working to try and make things more consistent!

ViEmu 3.7 in the works already...


Re: ViEmu dead?

Any news on 3.7?


Re: ViEmu dead?

Yea, some news on 3.7, and also on SSMS (SQL Server) 2016?


Re: ViEmu dead?

Just published it now! Apologies for the delay, both Xcode 8 and SQL Server 2016 have caused all kinds of trouble. Here is the announcement:

  http://www.viemu.com/blog/2016/11/08/vi … rver-2016/