Topic: Viemu doesn't show in Tools/Options

I have viemu in VS 2013.  There is a Viemu menu on the top tool bar but nothing shows under Tools/Options nor in any of the submenus there.

At present,  I need to get to the Viemu keybindings.



Re: Viemu doesn't show in Tools/Options

Hello, ViEmu doesn't add a page to Tools|Options in the most recent versions of VS, there is the main "ViEmu" menu and that is all. All settings are available through the settings page from there.

Also, keybindings in modern ViEmu/VS versions work differently than they used to in "ViEmu classic". ViEmu intercepts all "regular" keypresses directly, but all the "combos" including Ctrl/Shift/Alt/etc... are assigned in the Tools|Options|Keyboard panel. If you check for example Ctrl-R, you will see that it is mapped to the command "ViEmu.KeypressCtrlR" in the "Text Editor" context, and if you remove that, then ViEmu won't receive the keypress at all. If there is another command mapped to to Ctrl-R in the "Global" context, the "Text Editor" mapping would obscure that.

Hope that helps!