Topic: SQL 2016

Does anyone have any details they can share about ViEmu supporting SQL 2016?
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Re: SQL 2016

The current version (3.6.0) does not work with the 2016 Management Studio. The ViEmu menu item does not appear or anything.

That said, you can use the 2014 Management Studio for most purposes even with the 2016 engine. That's what I'm doing until ViEmu is updated to support SSMS 2016, which I hope will be soon now that it has reached general availability.


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I tweeted Jon, and he said he's working on 2016 and Xcode at the moment.
Let's hope its ready soon...


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Thank you for the update.
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Just announced 3.7 a moment ago! Apologies for the delay, both Xcode 8 and SQL Server 2016 have caused all kinds of trouble. Here is the announcement:

  http://www.viemu.com/blog/2016/11/08/vi … rver-2016/