Re: clash ctrl+]

I got a clash with ctrl+]
what is it clashing with please?


Re: clash ctrl+]

Ctrl-] in vi or vim means "go to tag", it goes to the definition of the symbol under the cursor. In ViEmu, it invokes "Edit.GotoDefinition", which is the equivalent function.

By default, in Visual Studio, it invokes Edit.GotoBrace, which I think is equivalent to the vi '%' motion.


Re: clash ctrl+]

oh thanks, I did not know of %, so I created the clash.
now I can resolve it. (-:


Re: clash ctrl+]

Good, you're welcome smile

Some extra comments on %: if you use it at a non-matching character (ie, not one of "()[]{]"), it will scan to the right in the current line to find a matching character, and find the match of that one. The advantage is that, if you have a function call:

  a = fn(b, c);

and you have the cursor on the 'f' of fn, "d%" will delete the whole function call. Very useful.

vi/vim also matches #ifdef/#endif, etc., but ViEmu doesn't do those yet.


Re: clash ctrl+]

That is great stuff. thanks