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I know it's still preview, and I personally wont' be using it right away even when it's actually released (too many tools will be playing catch-up).  That said, I definitely won't want to consider moving if ViEmu doesn't work on it.  So, the question is, what are your plans around supporting it?  Hopefully, the answer is you will be supporting it, and it's a question of when vs if... 

Any comments you can share with us?



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Any update now that VS2022 is GA?


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I managed to DM Jon_Symnum on Twitter and got some news concerning ViEmu...  I asked if he was going to be able to post something on the forums regarding his plans/circumstances, but as he's not replied to that last DM, assuming his current situation is still keeping him occupied.  That said, it seems likely he's not going to be able to continue development on ViEmu so we probably won't be getting a VS2022 64 bit version.  I'll let him provide more detail when he's able to do so, but figured I'd pass this bit along.


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BTW, if you go on the store link, you get this:

ViEmu Store
As of November 2021, ViEmu is discontinued as a commercial product. Please email support@symnum.com if you need a key with a new license or a license extension, which will be provided free of charge. ViEmu will be turned into open source as soon as time is available to do a code cleanup and share it on a public source code repository.

If you purchased recently, please email support@symnum.com for a refund.

Thanks for your kindness and understanding and for you continued support, you helped me on an incredible journey for many years.


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Oh, it will be missed so much. Hopefully we can get away with its open source version somehow once it is available. If someone knows another extension that can compete with ViEmu then please let me know.


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One of the problems and likely a significant reason for Jon discontinuing development is that with VS2022 being 64 bit, it was probably going to require a good bit of rewriting and debugging to make it work.  Have to wait and see what the code looks like when he's able to get it posted somewhere.


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Hey everyone, sorry for taking so long to respond to this. Thanks for your understanding, and thanks Dave (gt2847) for posting here on my behalf, much appreciated. Indeed, 2021 has been a busy and complicated year, and with ViEmu business kind of dwindling down, my work focus has had to be elsewhere.

Indeed, ViEmu will go open source, it doesn't make sense to keep it functioning as a commercial product any more, but I'd definitely like for it to keep providing as much value and happiness as possible for many years to come. I need to find enough available time to clean up the code a bit and publish it, probably on GitHub, and then hopefully it can acquire functionality and improvements from the community.

I will write another post to the forum with a few more details.

Thanks everyone for being so understanding, and if you need a license key or extension for any of the decisions, just email me at the support address and I will send it to you as soon as I get around to (I just sent out the license keys requested over the last few weeks).


  -- Jon