Re: Does viemu support vim script?

I have many customized vim scripts with my gvim 7.0 now.
I wanna know if viemu supports vim script?



Re: Does viemu support vim script?

Hello Marvin,

Unfortunately no, it doesn't. While I undertand the need, it would be a huge endeavor, and it's beyond the scope of ViEmu in the short- to mid-term.




Re: Does viemu support vim script?

Hi, Jon,
Thanks for your reply, but I really want this feature. : ) Do you plan add this feature in the future?



Re: Does viemu support vim script?

Marvin, in principle, I'd have to say that with 90% probability it won't be implemented. There's a slim chance that it will make sense to add it at some time, but it's pretty slim. I'm sorry, but the effort is huge and it would be impossible to justify it. VS has its own scripting system, so most problems can be fixed with that - except turning ViEmu into a full vim emulator, but that is almost unattainable.

It is more likely that ViEmu will gain some scripting capability, but it will be more likely the day I re-implement ViEmu in a new language I'm preparing, and the scripting language would be the same in which the new ViEmu is implemented (a purely functional language).

Adding hooks to ViEmu for scripting from standard VS VBA is more likely too, for specific scripting needs.