Re: Problem with repeated append in ViEmu/VS 2.1

I have ViEmu for Visual Studio 2005, version 2.1.0, running on Windows XP Professional with the latest service packs and patches. I am sometimes having a problem when I try to use the "A" (append to end of the line) command. If I append text to one line, and then use the "." (repeat) command on another line, it normally works fine, repeating the new text on the second line. However, if the text that I appended to the first line was simply a period ("."), the repeat command on the next line does an "i" command (insert) of the period wherever the cursor happens to be, instead of doing an "A" append. The problem is consistent and repeatable. Here is the key sequence to repeat.



Re: Problem with repeated append in ViEmu/VS 2.1

Hello Tim,

I'm having a look at it and I'll get back to you. I had reports on this previously, but it stopped happening in 2.0.59 and I can't reproduce it any more (either on VS.NET 2003 or VS2005, with the latest ViEmu 2.1.9). Do you have Visual Assist or any other 3rd party plug-in installed? What language are you programming in? (It may make a difference).

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