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First, I love the product...it has made my transition from linux development to VS development so much smoother.

I was writting to see if there is, or will be, support for showmatch?  I created a _viemurc file and put it in my user directory, added :set showmatch, started it up, and found that it didn't work.  In the documentation it said that if there was a problem with the rc file, it would display in the output window under the viemu tab...I am unable to find this location.  'Show output from:' does not have a viemu option...could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Brace Matching

Hello Darren,

Thanks for the kind comment. Nope, there's actually no support for showmatch at all. I didn't even know about it until today! I thought you were refering to the highlighting, and I was going to answer that VS has a built-in mechanism, but I've checked in vim and now I understand the setting.

I will add it to the list of pending things and get back to you when I have a chance to implement it. It will take some time though, as I'm working in another new product and I want to release it in some moment during June.




Re: Brace Matching

Hi Jon,

I appreciate the quick response!  It'll be nice to have, I just got so used to seeing visually when I completed things, especially parentheses, that I find that I miss it now!

I figured out the output window...it appears if I type in garbage on a line in the _viemurc file, it just didn't alert me that it didn't recognize the showmatch option.

Good luck on your new project!



Re: Brace Matching

Thanks Darren. Yes, :set probably is silent on unknown options, although unrecognized commands are indeed sent to the output window panel.

Funnily, the new product ('codekana') will include something similar to showmatch, albeit in a different way (using dynamic coloring rather than moving the caret around). This time, for vi(m)ers and non-vi(m)ers alike.