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It would be nice to be able to see whats in my registers.  I tent to forget where I put what.  in vim it's the command :reg
Showing markers would be nice to (:marks) but only if its visually.

Another thing i'm strugling with is selecting a block in visual mode (ab or aB)  but without selecting the brackets itself.  I don't know if thats possible yet in vim?  This is not important for viemu because I can use the grow selection command from resharper for this



Re: :reg

I've added the request to the todo list. Next week or so I plan to address a few pending ViEmu/VS issues, as this looks fairly simple, it will probably make it into the next build.

Regarding object selection motions without delimiters: you can use the 'i' prefix instead of 'a' to select them without the delimiters. 'dib' will delete the inner-contents of the current parentheses-delimited block, 'diB' will do the same with braces, 'diw' will delete the current word without including the surrounding spaces or punctuation, etc...


Re: :reg

Great thanks smile
looking forward to it.

Will you show the :reg results in the output window or in a dockable panel?  Or something else?


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First implementation would be to show out in the "ViEmu" subpane of the output window (the same as :ls, tongue and other commands do). An extra panel for ViEmu input and output is pending for some future version.