Re: ViEmu 1.4.5 available & end of introductory pricing

I have just sent out an e-mail notifying the release of the final 1.4.5 and the end of the introductory pricing on June 30. The general 'download' link now downloads this version. Here is the entire text for your reference:


I have just uploaded the new maintenance release ViEmu 1.4.5. You can download it directly from the following link:


It will automatically upgrade any previous installation of ViEmu.

The most important and immediate changes are that the cursor position is always restored properly on undo/redo, and that the normal-mode block cursor is now kept properly across focus changes, together with several new vi/vim emulation features. I have included the detailed change list at the bottom of this e-mail.

I'd also like to let you know that the special introductory pricing of $49.95 will be ending on June 30. Starting on that date, ViEmu will be available for $69.95.

The next major ViEmu release will be 2.0, now in active development, with many new features, and a free upgrade to all existing customers. I will announce alpha and beta versions before the final one is ready at the forums: http://forums.ngedit.com.

Please be sure to keep the feedback coming, both by e-mail and at the forums.

Thanks and best regards,

  NGEDIT Software

ViEmu 1.4.5 changes since 1.4.4:
- Block cursor not lost with some operations
- Undo/redo now should properly restore the cursor pos in all operations
- :ta[g] to jump to a symbol's definition
- ^W<Up>/<Down> to switch windows
- HOME now jumps to the hard beginning-of-line
- Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V globally toggles ViEmu on/off
- g*/g# search for the identifier under the cursor, down and up, w/o requiring a full-word match
- Implemented Ctrl-^ to switch to the previous buffer
- :set [no]incsearch/[no]is support
- CodeRush compatibility functionality implemented
- ^Wc and :clo[se] to close the current window/file
- Y in visual mode now correctly returns to normal mode
- The status line "INSERT --" is now "-- INSERT --" as in vim
- Cursor now properly updated after :d
- :f[ile] command to show info on the current file
- New Welcome/Trial dialogs, and more links in Tools|Options|ViEmu


Re: ViEmu 1.4.5 available & end of introductory pricing

This is great. I like being able to turn off ViEmu with a hotkey.

I have a request: ^Wo should make the current file the only file. It's the counterpart to ^Wc, which closes the current file.

On the same topic of window splitting, I think we discussed a while ago that instead of "split", splitting the window could mean making a new horizontal tab. I realize it doesn't map directly with the vim model. I was curious what you thought about this (you probably made a decision back then, but I just forgot:)).

Perhaps ^Wj and ^Wk can switch "windows", where "windows" can either be another "split" or another horizontal tab.

Anyway, I'd like to reiterate that I'm a happy customer, and I'm looking forward to 2.0 and Kodumi!



Re: ViEmu 1.4.5 available & end of introductory pricing


I'll give some thought to the ^Wo thing. VS's multiple view model is so different from vim's that I can never find a way to make it work properly. I think I will have to spend some time thinking this through properly and trying to come up with something. For example, vim's ^Wo closes all other windows, but it doesn't close the buffers. It's not clear what ViEmu should do: close the split if there is one? Close the other tab groups as well and move their files into the current one? I'm not sure VS will allow me to do this. I'll have a look though.

^Wj/k work within the two splits of the current file. But the two splits in VS are limited to showing different parts of the same file.

The priority now, though, is to integrate the new vi/vim core with VS. The new core already brings some nice improvements (pretty powerful key remapping, being able to yank&paste macros, the basis to implement proper repetition of Intellisense-completed autcompletions with '.', etc...). As soon as I have it integrated, I'll start adding some of the new features.

Thanks for the compliments!