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First let me say I love Viemu and have from the moment I first used it! Finally the one tool I need has arrived.

1. Can I insert a blank line using o and O without going into insert mode?

2. When I yank and paste words is there a way to paste it on a new line instead of just p and P for character placement?

These aren't complaints about Viemu I just want to find out if there are commands available to do this. If not that's ok.



Re: Vi command question


Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it. Regarding the questions, I've often wondered about (1) myself, but I haven't found an existing solution. When I have to do this for several lines, I either use the '.' command or yy an empty line and paste that. With the mapping support in ViEmu 2.0, which is already in a very advanced state (I plan to start using it full time myself during this week), doing something will be easier - something like :map \ o<Esc>

Regarding (2), the :pu[t] ex command does exactly that (forced-linewise paste), it's a bit cumbersome to type :pu<Enter>, but it could also be mapped (although not with ViEmu 1.x, as it only supports singer char-to-char mapping).

Thanks again for the feedback,



Re: Vi command question

Thanks for the feedback. What's the time frame for the release of version 2? Just curious.



Re: Vi command question

If everything goes well, the stars line up appropriately, and actually don't find any more trouble than I already expect, end of July. Adjust accordingly smile