Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready

I have just uploaded ViEmu for Visual Studio 2.0.27:


It needs a manual uninstall of previous 2.0.x versions before installing this one.

These are the issues addressed in this release:

- :noh[lsearch] implemented
- hlsearch setting wasn't honored on startup, even if it was shown fine in Tools|Options|Viemu
- The desired-cursor-col was not reset after moving the cursor by left-clicking
- :set gdefault would not work in .viemurc
- Pasting in VB would lead the language service into "partial" corrections and lead to syntax errors
  - The \| operator in regular expressions didn't work fine (would only match the second branch)
- Keyboard management should now support the Japanese version of Visual Studio

Let me know if something's not right. I will keep working in the other pending issues.

Thanks for all the feedback!

  - Jon


Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready


Thanks, I've been using version 2.0 a few days and I just downloaded and tried 2.0.27. You've made some great improvements. I found one problem that I can repeat.

   1. Load two or more files into VS.
   2. Use bd to delete a buffer.
   3. Use bn to go to the next buffer and often the buffer that was delete will reappear.

It seems that all of the buffers that were deleted will come back if you keep doing a bn.



Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready


Here are the details of my environment.

- OS : XP pro, sp 2
- VS version : Visual Studio 2005 version 8.0.50727.42
- What other add-ins there are installed: None
- What type of file you are editing: language and extension: C# / .cs
- What version of ViEmu you are using: ViEmu v2.0.27



Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready

Bill, I'll have a look at it and let you know what I find out. Thanks for the feedback!


Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready

block selection bug?

If you do a block select on a region where the last line is shorter than the longest in the selection, then hit $ to extend the selection to the end of line, viemu only selects the block to the end of the line with the cursor on it. Vim sets the selection to the end of every line.

this is tested with viemu 2.0.27 and visual studio 2003 7.1.3088


Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready

Ryan, you're right, I've been informed of that limitation of block mode (it's not really a bug, the behavior is not implemented). I plan to implement the proper behavior in one of the next few maintenance releases of ViEmu/VS 2.0.




Re: ViEmu/VS 2.0.27 ready

Bill, Ryan, both issues above are fixed in 2.0.28. See the info here:


Best regards,