Topic: ViEmu not working in Word, Outlook

Win10 Pro x64
Version 1909
OS Build 18363.900

Office 365
Word version 2005

ViEmu 3.8.1

I installed ViEmu, and there is no evidence in Word or Outlook that anything changed.
(I installed it with an Administrator account, my daily account.)

In Word:
I can find nothing that looks like it is related to ViEmu.

How do I get this product to work?


Re: ViEmu not working in Word, Outlook

Hi @Number8, it may be the case that you are using the 64-bit edition of Office. In that case, ViEmu will not work, you need to use the 32-bit edition of Office. Microsoft actually recommends using the 32-bit edition, unless you are editing very large spreadsheets, due to compatibility reasons. Let me know how it works for your. Regards -- Jon


Re: ViEmu not working in Word, Outlook

Current version of Office365 Outlook - ViEmu 3.8.1 does not work even in 32 bit:
Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14228.20036) 32-bit

Still works in Word, but while ViEmu shows as installed in Outlook, the Addin tab doesn't show, nor does the ViEmu settings.  I don't use the Outlook version all that much, so I didn't really notice it until I was trying to edit an email with some source code in it.  Not sure how long it's been gone, but 32 bit versions are impacted.


Re: ViEmu not working in Word, Outlook

Hi gt, thanks for letting me know. The most likely reason is that Microsoft changed the window hierarchy in a recent version of Outlook, as ViEmu uses that to find the Word window inside an Outlook email composition window. I plan to open source ViEmu soon, so hopefully that will make it easier to debug the issue. Regards -- Jon