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Just today I ran into "vimpulse": modifications to emacs' "viper" mode to include several vim-exclusive functions (such as visual mode). Viper is a raw vi emulator, with no support for any of vim's features - you invoke it from emacs' command line with C-x viper-mode<return>. I've used it several times when tinkering with lisp under emacs using slime. It seems vimpulse improves it:


I'm no emacs guru so I'm not totally sure how you install it - exercise left for the reader. If I go back to doing some emacs I may try it (or may as well try to really learn emacs keykbindings, which would be a nice culture change).


Re: Better vim emulation for emacs

I am the maintainer of vimpulse.  Here are the installation instructions from the top of the file, in case they will help you:

;; Copy vimpulse.el to somewhere in your load-path (e.g. your
;; site-lisp directory), then add these three Lisp statements to the
;; .emacs file in your home directory:
;(setq viper-mode t)
;(require 'viper)
;(require 'vimpulse)
;; Leave out the initial semicolons.  You should not change the order
;; of the statements.  The first two lines enable viper; the third
;; enables vimpulse.
;; If you will be using C-r (the redo key) and you use GNU Emacs, also
;; visit http://www.wonderworks.com/download/redo.el and save and
;; install redo.el.  XEmacs and Aquamacs come with redo.el included.
;; If you want block visual mode (i.e. rectangle selection),
;; remove the leading semicolons from the lines under the
;; "Block Visual Mode keys" section in this file.  Also download and
;; install http://www.emacswiki.org/elisp/download/rect-mark.el
;; in your load-path and add the Lisp expression (require 'rect-mark)
;; to your .emacs file.

I am curious:  -How did you come across vimpulse?

- Did you notice those instructions?   Were there any words or terms that were unclear?

- How could I make vimpulse easier to install?

- Do you have any other feedback on vimpulse, other than that it needs an instruction manual smile?



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Hey Jason,

Congrats on the good job. I haven't tried it out actually - I read about it in a post at programming.reddit.com (sorry, can't remember which one). Someone wrote about something and mentioned that he was using vimpulse, including a link. I had a look at it and posted about it here, for the possible benefit of ViEmu users.

It seems easy enough to install, now that you posted the instructions. I hadn't read through it.  I would add 'Read installation instructions below" as the 2nd line in the file, as a non-emacs guru I thought maybe "everybody knows" how to install a .el file and it wasn't explained.

Sorry I don't have any more feedback, but I'll give it a try if I ever go back to emacs for more lisp tinkering (I'm not doing any right now, too busy!).

Good luck and best regards,



Re: Better vim emulation for emacs

This is my first time hearing about vimpulse.  I'm not a big emacs fan, but occassionaly I tinker around with Common Lisp and Slime is the way to go there.  Great stuff.


Re: Better vim emulation for emacs

I don't do much emacs either, but it's good to know there's something even better than viper-mode.