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Archive for July, 2008

ViEmu for Word and Outlook 1.5 Release Candidate

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I have uploaded ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.5.1, which is the Release Candidate for the 1.5 version:

No need to uninstall previous versions before installing this one, it will upgrade the existing version automatically.

This version has a couple of typos fixed in the documentation and uses a new, more reliable method to set up the image of the “Settings” button (nothing you will notice, except that it won’t trash your clipboard the first time it’s run).

If nothing comes up, this will become the official build on the website in a couple of days, and I will send out an email announcing it afterwards.

Let me know if anything acts up.

2.2 release candidates: ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.2.5

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

After fixing all the outstanding issues, builds 2.2.5 of ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL are available for public testing. These are the actual release candidates, and unless something critical comes up, I will be releasing them officially before the end of the week:



The issues I fixed are the following:

  • ViEmu/VS: RETURN in normal mode could insert a line break when editing C# triple-slash comments in the presence of Resharper
  • ViEmu/VS: The ‘clashing keybindings found’ dialog would pop up on start-up if ViEmu had been disabled, and that dialog would auto-reenable ViEmu
  • VS & SQL: Exiting insert mode could cause weird behavior afterwards
  • VS & SQL: Fixed a couple of typos in the documentation

I’m also planning to upload a ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.5.1 today or tomorrow and be able to release that officially before the end of the week.

Thanks for all the feedback! All this testing for weeks really helps ViEmu have the smoothest new-release experience.

First preview release of ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.5

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I’ve just uploaded the new 1.5.0 build of ViEmu/Word&Outlook:

No need to uninstall anything, it will automatically upgrade any previous version.
It incorporates all the latest changes added for ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.2: gt/gT, gp/gP, even i’/a’/i”/a” motions which here understand smart quotes, and this is was quite some work to define sensibly to work compatibly with vim when only ASCII quotes are used, and still blend nicely with Word’s directional smart quotes. ViEmu will even correctly understand nested quotes, which is impossible with just ASCII, and probably no that important in the grand scheme of things (but I’m a perfectionist, what can you do…).

Also, specifically for Outlook, and while I implement direct-email-send functionality from the ex command line, either using :send or :wq, I’ve made :wq and ZZ not do anything and warn you that you should use Ctrl-Return or Ctrl-F4. It could be somewhat confusing the way it was.

There are only a couple of outstanding issues with the latest and greatest ViEmus (2.2 for VS and SQL , and this 1.5 for Word and Outlook):
1) I have a report from a customer that ViEmu/Word works fine on his system but the settings button doesn’t bring up the dialog, which is a bit weird but hopefully reasonably easy to fix. This is the only issue that makes it a non-definitive build.

2) It seems RETURN sometimes works weirdly in normal mode in ViEmu/VS at one customer’s place. I’ve been unable to reproduce it this far, and I hope that logs from his install will help me resolve the issue.

So, as soon as I have fixed these two, and any other thing that you report, I will be ready to officially release these new versions! Hopefully this will happen next week.

So thanks if you decide to download & try the above build, and I will be really grateful for any feedback you can provide!

ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.2.2, with better i’/a’/i”/a” motions

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

In the search for the perfect 2.2 build before the official announcement, I’ve built version 2.2.2 of both ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL:

They’ll upgrade whatever ViEmu versions you have installed. They incorporate a new implementation of the i’/a’/i”/a” vim7-style text-object string motions, closer to vim’s behavior: they only work on the current line, when used on a quote they use heuristics to determine whether this is a starting or ending quote, and they ignore quote characters in strings which are escaped with a backslash (\” or \’).

One other thing I want to address in ViEmu/VS before the official announcement is a problem with the RETURN key in certain cases (see, although it’s probably due to some other 3rd party add-in as I can’t repro it.

And I also want to address some issues with ViEmu/Word&Outlook yank and paste, which sometimes confuses character-wise and line-wise pastes, before I release an unofficial 1.5 preview including proper i’/a’/i”/a” support (harder than in ViEmu/VS and /SQL, due to smart-quotes). Hopefully, all of this can be clarified this week, and an official release will happen next week!

And as always, I’ll be grateful for any feedback about these builds!

and ViEmu/SQL 2.2 also ready!

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Download here:

No need to uninstall your current version. Main feature is i’/a’/i”/a” motions, also gt/gT, gp/gP, and all 2.1.x improvements. Thanks for any feedback!

ViEmu/VS 2.2 up for download!

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

In the past few weeks, I’ve been addressing some long-standing ViEmu issues: minor glitches, compatibility with other 3rd party add-ins in certain circumstances, simple new features, etc… Rather than constrain this to the exposure of a minor revision (very small), I decided to add some interesting new feature and release version 2.2. I have already finished ViEmu/VS 2.2 and a ViEmu/SQL 2.2 will follow shortly. I’ve been testing it myself for a few days, and also sent it out privately to a few other people, and before announcing it officially to the whole mailing list, I thought I’d offer it from the blog and the ViEmu forums for a few more days to be sure everything’s fine.

Here is the link to download it:

You don’t need to uninstall any previous installation, this installer will automatically upgrade it. By the way, I have also revamped my internal installer-build-system, and now all minor revisions will also feature automatic upgrades. Manual uninstalls are a thing of the past now!

The main new feature in 2.2 is vim-7-style i’/a’/i”/a” text-object motions, which allow fast access to single- and double-quote strings. This was an oft-requested feature, so hopefully it will be a welcome addition to ViEmu.

While this is being tested, I plan to build a ViEmu/SQL 2.2, and address a few outstanding ViEmu/Word&Outlook issues. Probably there will also be a ViEmu/W&O 1.x release soon, too, incorporating the most recent improvements.

As always, but more so with this release, I will be grateful for any feedback you can offer.


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