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Archive for May, 2009

ViEmu/VS 2.2.9 ready – new installer and a couple fixes

Monday, May 25th, 2009

The fixes are quite minor:

  • The | motion with a count (go-to-column) was off by one compared to vim
  • Added :ern[ext] and :erp[revious] that map to VS’s View.NextError and View.PreviousError

But, apart from this, the main change is that the installer is based on an EXE file, which makes it work better with Vista and Windows 7 with UAC enabled. It will now ask for elevation when you start the installer. Here is a link to download it:

I won’t make the front page link to this new version until I’ve got some feedback, as I’m wary an EXE file may be more problematic than an MSI one.

I’ll be grateful for any feedback.

Next challenge: ViEmu for Visual Studio 2010. I’ve already started “playing around”.

.NET,  here I come.


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