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ViEmu 3.7 released: finally search offsets, plus support for Xcode 8 and SQL Server 2016

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

Hello everyone, ViEmu 3.7 is finally ready and available from download from As the major improvements, all ViEmu editions now support the full vi/vim search offsets syntax and semantics: for example, you can add “/e+1” to the end of a search, and the cursor will move to the next character after the match. Even multiple-step searches work: “/abc/+10;?def?e+1” is a single search involving the following steps: search forward for ‘abc’, go to the first column 10 lines below the match, search backwards for ‘def’, then position the cursor in the character right after the ‘f’.

This version also adds support for Xcode 8 and for SQL Server 2016, both of which have required quite a lot of work.  It also has had work done to ensure ViEmu for Visual Studio works better with Visual Assist. Head to the ViEmu home page to download them:

In order to use them, you need support active as of November 1, 2016. If your support has expired and you want to use the new versions, you will need to visit the customer area and renew support, which will allow you to use these versions and any new ones released during one year from now.

Hope you enjoy it!

(And now off to checking how ViEmu works with the latest VS15 preview…)


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