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New ViEmu for Atmel Studio released

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Atmel is one of the largest manufacturers of microcontrollers worldwide. They provide developers with Atmel Studio, an IDE to develop for their embedded system. They have just released the new Atmel Gallery, where extensions for their IDE can be downloaded, and we have worked with them to release a custom ViEmu for Atmel Studio, among a handful of launch partners to join this initiative. Now, embedded developers have the option of using the best editing tools for all their Atmel code!

ViEmu-ReSharper webinar video available online

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

The ViEmu-ReSharper webinar run by James Kovacs last week was a success, with over 100 attendees, and we got to see James demonstrating the combination of ViEmu and ReSharper for productivity in a smooth introductory session.

I was also amazed that he was running ViEmu and ReSharper under VS 2012, running under Windows 8, running inside VMWareFusion on a Macbook, and streaming his desktop to all the webinar attendees. Incredibly, it all worked great!

Now it’s available for watching on video, from the post at JetBrains’ blog:

If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments and we’ll be happy to respond!


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