Re: Latest ViEmu versions and change log

Here are the latest ViEmu builds available:

  http://www.viemu.com/ViEmuVS2015-2019-3.11.0.vsix (ViEmu for Visual Studio 2015-2019)
  http://www.viemu.com/ViEmuVS2013-3.10.0.vsix (ViEmu for Visual Studio 2013)
  http://www.viemu.com/ViEmuVS2010-3.8.1.vsix (ViEmu for Visual Studio 2010/VS12)
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuVS-3.8.1.exe (ViEmu for VS "Classic" (2002-2008))
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuSSMS18-3.9.3.exe (ViEmu for SQL Server 18+)
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuSQL20 … -3.8.1.exe (ViEmu for SQL Server 2016/2017)
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuSQL2012-14-3.8.1.exe (ViEmu for SQL Server 2012-2014)
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuSQL-3.8.1.exe (ViEmu for SQL Server 2005-2008)
  http://www.viemu.com/Install-ViEmuWO-3.8.1.exe (ViEmu for Word and Outlook)

It's not necessary to manually uninstall any previous version of the products before installing these new builds, they will upgrade your current install automatically.

Latest release history:

New 3.11.0 version, December 2020
ViEmu 3.11.0 for Visual Studio 2015-2019 improves interaction with Visual Studio 2019 async package loading, and will work with buffers loaded before ViEmu itself is loaded. Who wants to be picky about being chronologically challenged.

New 3.9.0 version, April 2019
ViEmu 3.9.0 for Visual Studio supports Visual Studio 2019 (in addition to VS2013-2017), and it also brings optimized text pasting. Note: we don't endorse code copying and pasting as the best software engineering technique. But we are confident that you know when pasting in those 5,000 lines of codes is actually a good idea.

New 3.8.1 version, January 2019
Released 3.8.1 of all editions, fixing an issue with VS2017, and improving the operation of :s (including, among other things, recognizing an empty search string to use the last search string).

New 3.8.0 version, March 2018
Released only for Visual Studio 2012+, and only on the Visual Studio Gallery. It improves plug-in startup organization so that VS doesn't complain about ViEmu slowing VS starting up.

New 3.7.6 version, January 2017
Just for VS2017, it only changed the VSIX package so that the installation would not show the user a warning.

New 3.7.5 version, January 2017
Added support for VS2017 RC and for SQL Server 2016. The Word & Outlook version also improved support for High DPI displays.

New 3.7.0 version, November 2016
Released 3.7.0 of all editions, supporting Xcode 8, and SQL Server 2016. Also includes support for search offsets, and improvements in the interaction with Visual Assist. Details here: http://www.viemu.com/blog/2016/11/08/vi … rver-2016/

New 3.6.0 version, August 2015
Released 3.6.0 of all editions, supporting Xcode 6.4, 7.0 (tested with beta 5), and VS 2015. Details here: http://www.viemu.com/blog/2015/08/20/vi … emulation/

New 3.5.0 links, June 2015
Released 3.5.0 of all editions. Details here: http://www.viemu.com/blog/2015/06/25/ve … rver-2014/

Updated links, March 2015
Also, ViEmu/Xcode6 3.3.1 now supports Xcode 6.2.

ViEmu 3.0 all versions, June 2012
See details here:
http://www.viemu.com/blog/2012/06/26/vi … ons-ready/

ViEmu/VS2010 2.5.14, Jan 2011
ViEmu/VS2010 with some bugfixes:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2011/01/17/ne … available/

ViEmu/VS2010 2.5.13, Dec 2010
Here is the link to the announcement latest official ViEmu/VS2010 release:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2010/12/05/vi … al-search/

ViEmu/VS2010 2.5.7, Aug 2010
We hadn't updated this post recently. Here is the link to the announcement latest official ViEmu/VS2010 release:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2010/08/16/vi … r-support/

And here is the one for the other ViEmus, latest links, and an explanation on the licensing system:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2010/05/25/vi … iemus-254/

ViEmu/VS 2.2.9, May 25 2009
This release fixes a couple of minor glitches (the | motion with a count was off by one, and it adds :ern[ext] and :erp[revious] to navigate errors), but mainly, it features the new EXE-based installer that works better with Vista and Windows 7 UAC. All details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2009/05/25/vi … ple-fixes/

ViEmu/VS 2.2.8, Mar 12 2009
Improved interaction with R#, with Lua & VAX, and the % motion. See details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2009/03/12/vi … r-support/

(Promoted ViEmu/VS 2.2.8 to the official version downloaded from the front page - March 20 2009)

ViEmu/VS 2.2.7, Jan 31 2009
Improved interaction with Visual Assist X, see details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2009/01/31/vi … teraction/

(Promoted ViEmu/VS 2.2.7 to the official 2.2 build downloaded from the front page - February 26 2009)

ViEmu/SQL 2.2.7, Aug 30 2008
Fixed compatibility with SQL Server 2008 final RTM build, see all details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/08/30/vi … atibility/

ViEmu/VS & /SQL 2.2.6, Aug 4 2008
Just fixed a couple minor glitches with the respective installers, and added one check to ViEmu/VS’s runtime (to avoid certain race condition that has actually never happened, but who knows, may happen some day - I discovered this in the code shared with Codekana).

ViEmu/VS & /SQL 2.2, ViEmu/W&O 1.5, Aug 1 2008
See official release announcement here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/08/01/ne … d-outlook/

ViEmu/VS 2.1.27, June 24 2008
Consolidated several fixes and the gt/gT command, all details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/06/24/vi … plemented/

ViEmu/SQL 2.1.27, June 19 2008
Ported over all improvements to ViEmu/VS from 2.1.18 to 2.1.26 and fixed the behavior of movement commands in macros/mappings after a 'gS' command has been used.

ViEmu/VS 2.1.26, June 10 2008
Fixed a freeze when doing undo with a running VB/ASP.NET app under VS2008, all details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/06/10/vi … in-vs2008/

ViEmu/VS 2.1.25, May 28 2008

Fixed a crash when using <Ctrl-]> when Visual Assist is present. Details here:

http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/05/28/vi … al-assist/

ViEmu/VS 2.1.24, Mar 15 2008

Fixed wrapscan logic when doing a '/' search from the last line of a file when the line is empty, and also fixed '<,'> marks when you have just issued a '$' motion (Vj$:s/xyz/uvw would complain about 'mark not set').

Details here:

  http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/03/15/vi … arks-with/

ViEmu/VS 2.1.23, Mar 14 2008

Fixed compatibility of ViEmu with the F# language when Visual Assist is installed (vi keys would not work). This happens/will happen with almost any new VS-supported language if Visual Assist is present, is an unfortunate side-effect of ViEmu's measures to work fine with Visual Assist. The fix is simple, but it needs to be done manually in any case.

(Promoted ViEmu/VS 2.1.23 to the official 2.1 build downloaded from the front page - March 14 2008)

ViEmu/VS 2.1.22, Feb 5 2008

Adapted keybinding handling code to work well with the korean localized version of Visual Studio, and added the :ve[rsion] ex command to show the ViEmu version info.

(Promoted ViEmu/VS 2.1.22 to the official 2.1 build downloaded from the front page - March 13 2008)

ViEmu/VS 2.1.21, Jan 6 2008

Updated ViEmu's compatibility code with Resharper to support Resharper version 3.1 (read http://www.viemu.com/blog/2008/01/06/ne … atibility/ for all the details).

ViEmu/VS 2.1.20, Dec 29 2007

Fixed a ViEmu/VS with DevExpress' Coderush compatibility problem (read http://www.viemu.com/blog/2007/12/29/vi … lity-week/ for details).

ViEmu/SQL 2.1.18, Dec 22 2007

Fixed the ViEmu/SQL installer for Vista systems, in some cases it would fail to be loaded in SQL Server. Only the installer changed, the actual code remains identical to 2.1.16.

(Promoted ViEmu/SQL 2.1.18 to the official 2.1 build downloaded from the front page - December 22)

ViEmu/WO 1.0.24, Dec 21 2007

Fixed the ViEmu/Word&Outlook installer for Vista systems, in some cases it would fail to be loaded in Word. Only the installer changed, the actual code remains identical to 1.0.23.

(Promoted ViEmu/W&O 1.0.24 to the official 1.0 build downloaded from the front page - December 21)

ViEmu/WO 1.0.23, Dec 16 2007

Fixed searching for non-Latin1 characters when searching (1.0.22 had fixed typing them, but not searching). This had been available privately for a few weeks, I had forgotten to post about it here.

(After verifying everything works fine, promoted ViEmu/VS 2.1.17 and ViEmu/W&O 1.0.23 to the official 2.1 and 1.0 builds downloaded from the front page - December 16)

ViEmu/VS 2.1.17, Dec 7 2007

Fixed incompatibility problem in XAML and XOML files under VS2008 when Visual Assist is present.

ViEmu/SQL Server 2.1.16, Dec 5 2007

Updated installer so that it will work with SQL Server 2008 ("katmai") CTPs (tested with November 07 CTP).

ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.22, Oct 5 2007

Fixed a problem with international input (specifically reported with Polish and Slovenian, but probably affecting other languages too).

ViEmu/VS 2.1.15, ViEmu/SQL 2.1.15 and ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.0.21 (August 21 2007)
The main fix in these versions is the ~ command (and gU/gu/g~ operators) working properly to toggle case of non-ascii characters. I was using towlower() and towupper() for this, which is locale-dependent, and this worked only sometimes depending on how the host app was configured. Now it should always work fine.

Also, ViEmu/VS 2.1.14 (not a public release) fixed how column-mode multi-line operations worked with Visual Basic (there were some interactions with the language service).

ViEmu/SQL 2.1.15 incorporates all fixes and improvements done in the corresponding versions of ViEmu/VS.

And ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.20 (private build) added a new setting in  the keyboard settings dialog, to allow configuring whether function key combos are passed to Word or processed by ViEmu.

ViEmu/VS 2.1.13 and ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.0.19 June 8 2007
There have been a few internal builds with specific fixes over the past weeks, here is the complete list of changes:

- ViEmu could crash when enabling/disabling it if the managed keybindings list was empty
- ViEmu could crash in VS2005 when using the 'Rename' refactoring with preview, the preview window would come up and ViEmu would crash trying to intercept it
- :s options \u \U \l \L didn't work with \1 \2 submatches
- Setting a number mark would crash (for example m3)
- Global marks were not being updated, so they'd drift off as you edited the file
- Undo would undo too much (the latest ViEmu operation plus any previous VS-built-in operations, such as a rename or search & replace)
- Added a message to :s when no matches were found

- :q! now accepted in Outlook (ViEmu/W&O)
- Fixed a rare crash when closing a Word file
- Fixed Ctrl-C management under Word&Outlook, it wasn't honored when 'pass-through insert mode' was enabled (which is the default)

These builds have also been promoted to the official main download for each product.

ViEmu/VS 2.1.8, ViEmu/SQL 2.1.8, and ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.0.16 Apr 17 2007

Several issues addressed following customer requests:

Common to all of them:

  - Ctrl-U to delete to start of session/start of line in insert and cmdline modes
  - Ctrl-W to delete to start of word in insert and cmdline modes
  - vim-like vi-like undo, that is, Ctrl-R carries in the same direction, 'u' reverses it - also for ViEmu/Word, which didn't have it
  - Ctrl-T/Ctrl-D unindent behavior more vim-like (rounding to an integer tabstop multiple) - will only work really well if there are no mixed tabs/spaces (not in Word&Outlook)
  - Removed mode-line from status bar ("--NORMAL--") when typing a search or an ex command

ViEmu/VS specific:

- Made ViEmu work fine with SQL files when Visual Assist is installed

ViEmu/WO specific:

  - ViEmu now tries to scroll the view if the cursor is obscured by the status, which should fix the most annoying cases.
  - Added support for the 'viundo' setting (:set [no]viundo), which emulates original vi's single-level undo

ViEmu/SQL specific:

- All changes done from ViEmu/VS 2.1.0 to 2.1.8 now incorporated into this build too

ViEmu/VS 2.1.6 Apr 1 2007

This release fixes wordwrap handling in languages other than C++ in VS2005: zz/zt/zb commands would be slightly off due to wrapped lines. [April 11 - I've "promoted" this to the official 2.1, so it's the version you get now if you download from the front page.]

ViEmu/VS 2.1.5 Mar 31 2007

This release includes compatibility with Visual Studio "Orcas" (version 9.0). It has been tested with the latest, March'07 CTP ("Community Technology Preview"), but it will probably work with any other preview release.

ViEmu/VS 2.1.4 Mar 28 2007

The following issues are addressed with this release:

  - :n and :N added as synonims of :bn, :bp
  - 'a or :13 (going to mark start-of-line or to a line by number) should open folds
  - Mapping <space> in normal mode (:map) affects "ct<space>" commands, etc...
  - d} erases differently in vim and viemu (wasn't automatically converted to linewise)
  - ViEmu doesn't always work in HTML/XML buffers when Visual Assist is present

ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.15, ViEmu/VS 2.1.3 Mar 23 2007

For both of them, made non-ascii arguments to fFtT motions work (they didn't).

For ViEmu/VS fixed a problem introduced with the new incremental hlsearch calculation back in 2.0.61 that could result a background Find in Files "freezing" when reaching a certain file being editing (it was partially fixed in 2.0.62, but not completely).

Also for ViEmu/VS, added a user setting to control whether ViEmu will warn before performing a long operation (such as pasting) in a read-only buffer. It is off by default now, so it will behave like versions before 2.0.57, while the user setting allows the behavior that warns and allows cancelling.

(After verifying everything works fine, promoted both to the official 2.1 and 1.0 builds downloaded from the front page - March 24)

ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.14, Mar 16 2007

Fixed some of the latest changes, which could mistakenly cause crashes in some other circumstances (deleting a visual selection at end of file). I've also "promoted" this to the official 1.0, so it's the version you get if you download from the front page.

ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.13, Mar 13 2007

Fixed a problem that could cause crashes on some systems with Outlook (reportedly 2003, but possibly with various versions). After a few days of testing, I've also "promoted" this to the official 1.0, so it's the version you get if you download from the front page.

ViEmu/Visual Studio 2.1.1, Mar 8 2007

Made ViEmu/VS work in SQL stored procedure editing windows. ViEmu, by default, doesn't intercept text views which correspond to buffers that are not associated to a disk file. This is so that the output window, immediate window, and several other internal buffers in Visual Studio remain working regularly (I plan to add support for the Output window in a future version, but it requires handling read-only windows/buffers differently). Since SQL stored procedures don't correspond to disk files, ViEmu didn't work inside them. In this build, I have changed the interception code so that it will intercept buffers assigned to the various SQL language services even if they are not disk files.

ViEmu/Word & Outlook 1.0.11, Mar 1 2007

Fixed a couple of problems that caused crashes with some types of emails under Outlook 2007. I've also "promoted" this to the official 1.0, so it's the version you get if you download from the front page.

ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL 2.1, Feb 26 2007

Official release of all the changes provided as maintenance builds since 2.0, including updated documentation. Also improved hlsearch scanning, and Visual Assist compatibility.

ViEmu/VS 2.0.63, Feb 23 2007

- Fixed another edge case in Visual Assist interaction, which would prevent Return from working in VS2005 (can also happen in VS.NET 2003, but it's less likely).

ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.0.62, /Word&Outlook 1.0.9, Feb 23 2007

I have started updating and changing the title of this post with the latest builds, and leaving the previous announcements in the bottom. It might be a better way to announce maintenance builds.

These are the fixed issues:

- :bd wouldn't work in the first buffer (All)
- :bd wouldn't work after closing a buffer with :bd and reopening it, if no other buffer got the focus in between (All)
- Find in Files could sometimes freeze if hlsearch was enabled (VS+SQL)
- The return key wouldn't work in the first opened buffer if Visual Assist is installed (VS)

These are the links to download them:


Hopefully this gets us closer to a VS+SQL 2.1 release in a few days.

Best regards,


ViEmu/VS and /SQL 2.0.61, /Word&Outlook 1.0.8, Feb 21 2007

I have just uploaded 2.0.61 of ViEmu for Visual Studio and for SQL Server. Feature-wise, these are a pre-release of version 2.1, due out in a few days (as soon as they have had more testing and I can update the documentation).

I have also uploaded ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.0.8 with a few small improvements and including the new core vi/vim features developed for the /VS version (it's good that the core vi/vim emulator is a shared codebase between them!).

Features common to all:
- 5:s syntax and offset-ranges (:.,.+4s/...)
- Uppercase operators in :s subst string (\u \U \l \L \e \E)
- gd to go to local definition
- :u[ndo] and :red[o]
- " comments allowed in .viemurc
- Tilde key didn't work in swedish keyboard
- 'v' in visual-chars, or 'V' in visual-lines... now exit visual mode

New features common to ViEmu/Visual Studio and ViEmu/SQL 2.0.61:
- HLSearch calculation made incremental, huge boost to the performance of hlsearch with large files
- Paste auto-reindent (]p)
- Searching with wrapscan doesn't enter folded #regions or outline folds
- IME reset when pressing ESC (useful when using Japanese and other Far East languages)
- /;<cr>i<cr> failed, second <cr> didn't work (ECMD_RETURN was cached disabled)
- Force undo grouping to be cut on buffer change (same as vim)

Features in ViEmu for Word & Outlook 1.0.8:
- :w<cr>Alt-F4 crashed Word
- Block caret kept when left-clicking
- Hyperlinks sometimes changed their appearance in Outlook - fixed

All of these require manually uninstalling the previous version before installing these ones. Here are the links to download them:


To reiterate: please uninstall the previous version manually before installing any of these ones!

Let me know if there is some problem with these. I'm aiming to release ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL 2.1 in a few days. The list of changes since the official 2.0 will be huge!

Best regards,


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